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Wellcome to DGLE2 official website!


  • DGLE2 is powerfull crossplatform engine for games and scientific applications.
  • DGLE2 is opensource project and free to use(under the terms of license).
  • DGLE2 is based on widely spread open standarts and formats such as OpenGL, OpenMP, OGG, Lua, Bullet, e.t.c..
The aim of the project is to create flexible and extensible technology that any user can use. It should be easy to make great projects only by using editors and scripts(Lua) or go deeper and use your programming skills of your favorite language(C++, C#, Delphi, e.t.c.) and create really exciting projects. Users can also add new formats and functionallity by creating new plugins for engine and share them with others over the web or just get plugins already made by others. And when project is complete it can be easily build not only for Windows but also Linux, MacOS(and iPhone) and consoles. Projects can also be a runtime part of webpage to use them in popular browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Sorry, but English version of site is not yet done :-( , so you can browse this site through Google Translate or go to Russian version.

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